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Life coaching, Hypnotherapy & Integral eye movement Therapy.

If you want positive and lasting change in your life and you want to let go of old patterns, thoughts and behaviours, hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment.

Talking from my own personal experience and journey it has helped me with my own self discovery, it has helped me release those negative thought patterns and beliefs, it has helped me see what is truly in front of me. 

Read my story to recognise how I can relate and help you.

Take your first step towards your own self discovery;

Unlock your full potential 

Release self limiting thoughts and beliefs

Let go of past trauma

Solve/understand relationship issues

Achieve direction and goals

Let go of stress, anxiety, worries, depression

Free yourself of fears and phobias

Change habits and patterns

Make lasting and positive changes

£70 per session.

Each session can be up to 90mins. A course of at least four sessions is recommended.

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