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If you want positive and lasting change in your life and you want to let go of old patterns, thoughts and behaviours, hypnotherapy is a powerful treatment.

Talking from my own personal experience and journey it has helped me with my own self discovery, it has helped me release those negative thought patterns and beliefs, it has helped me see what was truly in front of me.


Time to Re-connect with life and find the true you?


Message, email or call Laura to take that first step towards your own self discovery



£70 per session

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"Learn to live,

Live every moment of every day

Choose not to hold on to negative thoughts and feelings,

Feel them, but allow them to flow out of you…


Allow that space to be filled with love,

Love for yourself and love for those you choose to be part of your life

Choose who you spend your time with,

distance yourself from negative people by creating boundaries,

It is ok to say no,

Recognise what you need and what you don't need

Learn to surrender to life."


I was not always sparkling, in fact I lost my sparkle for some time.

I wanted to share this picture with you because this is a picture of me stepping into my true self, a true representation of who I am, after denying for a long time the true essence of me..

I am glitter and sparkle! The more glitter the better! In fact I would douse myself in glitter every morning! This is a true picture of me stepping out of the darkness and into the light… into the glitter, into me!!!

But you know... I take responsibility for losing that sparkle, for allowing that sparkle to fade out, it's always been a huge part of me, I love life, I love people, I love what I do.

But for some time I got lost, it was dark there and I couldn't find my way through

This isn't about me.. it's about you, and I want you to know that it is ok, it is ok to get lost, it is part of human nature to struggle, to suffer...and no two people's experiences will be the same.

We can not compare our lives or our emotions with another person, but we can feel, we can connect with each other, we can listen…

We need to experience the deepest parts of being human, and feel. That is what connects us.

It is ok to feel and to experience emotions, but we don't have to become them….you do not have to be your story, you do not have to be your negative thoughts.

You can learn to let go of pain and of judgement and not make it personal, you can recognise the experience as growth and learning and recognise you can surrender to life which opens up space to experience LIVING…. Living is right now!!!

My story

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