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Laura Middleton


​​​The therapies and treatments that I offer work with your body, mind and spirit. The goal is to get to the root of the issue and support you in moving forward.

Sometimes the issue is physical, sometimes it is emotional, sometimes it is both. I have the knowledge and experience to work with both physical and emotional issues.

My broad range of treatments, evenings and retreats put you at the very centre of Time for You.

Choose from a wide range of nurturing massages or holistic treatments to soothe away stress and tension and find deep relaxation.

You can access my full list of treatments via the menu at the top of the page, or just send me a message and ask!

My other areas of expertise are Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic programming and Life Coaching.​​

My in depth knowledge, personal life experiences and extensive range of therapies and techniques enables me to create bespoke treatment plans for a wide range of different issues.

Please take a look around and contact me directly with any questions you may have about the therapies, treatments and retreats that I offer. 

I look forward to hearing from you

Laura x


Time for you Therapeutic Massage & Reflexology | Hypnotherapy

My Story

I was not always sparkling, in fact I lost my sparkle for some time.​​

For some time I got lost, I fell into the darkness. I was overwhelmed with grief for several life changing losses I had suffered​. I felt trapped in some life changing decisions that I had made. I struggled and battled losing pieces of myself until I no longer recognised me.

The emotional pain had become too much, I couldn't see a way forward. I drove to the coast late one night. I sat in the darkness. Everything felt like it was moving in slow motion. I felt so detached from life, so disconnected.

It was at this point I knew I had to find a way to climb out of the darkness, I needed to gather the pieces of me that were left and literally glue them back together.

I found a glimmer, a glimmer in the darkness.

I took that tiny glimmer of light and I began to listen to it, to nurture it.

I realised that tiny glimmer was in fact the true me - it was how I felt - small, insignificant. Yes I had suffered life changing loss and grief but it was also a reflection of how I had allowed people to treat me. These were layers of emotional hurt and pain that I had pushed down without acknowledgement, without allowing myself to feel these emotions and while in this pain I had also taken on beliefs that didn't belong to me. I had actually come to believe that I was small and insignificant.

This was an epiphany. I had allowed this to happen. I had allowed my pain, my hurt, my grief and other people's beliefs to become me. I had become my story,  a victim of my own life.

And this was the hardest part, taking responsibility for the way I was feeling. Recognising that I was in control of changing those thoughts and feelings. Everything else was outside of my control, but my thoughts, my feelings, the way I reacted and responded, I always had a choice. YOU always have a choice.

Reflecting on my own journey and  learning, I recognised I needed to further my career into working with the mind as well as the body. I chose to combine my holistic therapies with Hypnotherapy. Neurolinguistic programming, life coaching and Integral eye movement therapy so that I could help and guide people on their own journey of self discovery.

My passion is helping people, helping you to realise the only person that holds you back from achieving whatever it is you want in life is you. My own suffering taught me that, this is how we learn, this is how we grow.

Sometimes we all need a little support and guidance on our journey, it is ok not to be ok. Allow yourself to feel, allow yourself space and time to heal. I am here when you are ready, all you need to do is reach out.

Laura x


Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy

From glimmer to sparkle!

"Healing doesn't mean the damage never existed. 

It means the damage no longer controls our lives"

Author unknown

"My arms grew tired from constantly reaching, 

so I wrapped them around myself and allowed them

to rest"

Author L.E. Bowman




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